I've just sat down to finish off these posts, admittedly in front of the TV.. Flicking between stations, I caught a news flash which was counting down the days to the Winter Olympics. Having skied a few times, and had one shocking run snowboarding (let's just say the T-bar won 12-2), I'm not super super into winter sports.. but like all major sport events I'll soon find my love of curling and ice hockey!

One aspect of the games I do enjoy, is the opening ceremony, watching the participants strut their stuff, in usually hideous team uniforms. For whatever reason, I've always found there's a throwback to the 1980's?! None more so that the Norweigen uniform!! Although the American's are close.. In searching for the Australian team uniform, I can only find out that they are wearing Blundstones.. and have the world's largest patch on their jacket breast pocket. And it seems they've gone with green and gold, rather than the navy blue which often makes the design cut. Shame, as navy blue has so much more class.. even if it's wrapped up in 1980's styling!!

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